Alternative and additional exhibiting opportunities

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Book one of our many exhibiting opportunities for your company and products
From collective displays on specific themes and multimedia stands at the Hot Spots, to event slots in the forums and on the stages. Depending on your particular product, this is where you are sure to find the right alternative – or the fitting complement – to a traditional stand.

Thematic exhibiting opportunities - An overview

Please note: not all of the registration documents are available as of now. They will be added here throughout spring.

Antiquarian Fair

Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair in Hall 6.0

Your advantage: Sale is possible on all five days of the Book Fair.
Present your valuable merchandise at the Frankfurt Antiquarian Fair, the centre of attraction for admirers of rare books, illustrations and autographs.
The Fair is organised in cooperation with the working group on antiquarian books at the Association of German Publishers and Booksellers. It opens on Wednesday at 11.00 am.

Katja Bothe
Frankfurt Book Fair
Katja Bothe
t: +49 (0) 69 2102 142
f: +49 (0) 69 2102 46142


International Education Exhibition (incl. EPP)

The collective presentation is the right context and format for international providers of educational books and materials to make an appearance that gets noticed. Educational publishers, packagers, distributors and service providers from all around the world do deals here, and launch new projects – all in the vicinity of many other interested co-exhibitors. The neighbouring Forum Education also offers an exciting programme of lectures and discussions.

Further information on the collective presentation

Collective Exhibition Football Literature

You can present your football-related media in the collective exhibition, and can also book slots on the stage during the trade visitor days. From club histories and biographies of famous players, to teaching manuals, children’s novels and football calendars: this is where you can present your football titles together in one place, directly addressing an audience that is specifically interested in football.

Hot Spot Education in Hall 4.2

Leveraging the business of learning
The Hot Spot Education brings together buyers and suppliers from the fields of innovative teaching and learning aids, serious and educational games, digital whiteboards, education software and e-learning solutions. Digitisation is long since a day-to-day reality in the field of education. Focused solely on digital providers and digital contents for the education sector, the Hot Spot Education provides a highly visible platform for presenting new products and projects.
Further information on Hot Spot Education


Comics Collective Stand in Hall 3.0

The collective stand offers smaller publishers the possibility to present their products
The stand is supported by the expert staff from the Frankfurt Book Fair and is furnished with tables and chairs. Your advantage: You do not have to be present at the stand all the time and can arrange your appointments flexibly across all the days of the Book Fair.
Further information on the collective stand

Gourmet Gallery

Best visibility in Hall 3.1

Book your presence in the Gourmet Gallery and we assure you full visibility
Publishers and other exhibitors of culinary-related delights will profit from this innovative platform in a prime location. An island of enjoyment in Hall 3.1 invites you to do business and also to simply enjoy. The Gourmet Gallery offers exquisite books, food, wine and everything that epicureans love. Thanks to its impressive show kitchen, the Gourmet Gallery captures the full attention of the media, as well as attracting trade visitors and the general public.

A brief overview of our options

You can book your own stand in the Gourmet Gallery or participate in the collective stand, which is arranged according to specific themes, or you can stage events to promote your products.

Book your stand presence

Barbara Roelle
Frankfurt Book Fair
Barbara Roelle
t: +49 (0) 69 2102 103
f: +49 (0) 69 2102 46103

Stationary & Gifts

Hall 4.0 offers more than (just) books

Bring your little somethings on to the big stage
Exhibitors in the gifts and stationery section can choose between a traditional trade fair stand or participation in the "Collective stand Nonbook 4.0 - Marketplace for Stationery & Gifts". Nonbook 4.0 is an exhibitors’ platform offering its participants the convenience of all-inclusive services, along with the synergies of a supportive community of exhibitors.

Whichever way you decide to exhibit in the stationery and gifts section at the Frankfurt Book Fair, you are sure to benefit from the concentration of innovative forces in Hall 4.0.

More information on the collective stand



The self-publishing area in hall 3.1 will be the site of different workshops, panels and presentations concerned with the topic self-publishing. Self-publishing on digital platforms has developed into a crucial new channel within the book industry. It allows authors to publish and sell their books directly to the consumer. This business model is new for authors as well as providers. The Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 embraces this topic with a new space: The self-publishing area in Hall 3.1. Here we offer a wide range of presentations, discussions and workshops for authors, provides and all those interested in self-publishing.
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Make the most of your visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Author's Guide

Books on Brazil

Books on Brazil

The Guest of Honour international book exhibition - register now
In the international book exhibition "Books on Brazil", the Frankfurt Book Fair presents translations of Brazilian literature as well as books about the country's culture, history and contemporary life.

The exhibition will be on display in the Guest of Honour Pavilion at the Book Fair.
In addition, a catalogue is to be published that will be available as an online download. Registration for the exhibition is now open to publishers from around the world with current titles.

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